We have been always been putting a great emphasis on global development. Thanks to our efforts on many markets we have been able to become more acquainted with different needs, technical requirements of our foreign partners and also with different competitors. This has resulted in a greater knowledge and understanding of the heating and ventilation industry. Thanks to these valuable lessons we are able to offer modern and best solutions, tailored to the specifics of each foreign market.

Flowair is a company based on years of practice. Starting from the design of devices, through industrial design and strategies centralized on a customer, we went a step further. We not only manufacture devices but also create intelligent ventilation and heating systems. Cooperation with the client starts from the very beginning, where thanks to the extensive Project Support Department we help to answer all questions and doubts. The heating of poultry farms, piggeries or other facilities with special requirements is not a simple task, therefore counselling is an inseparable element of our company's policy.

Our international partners appreciate FLOWAIR for:

  • Individual approach – our units are tailored to the requirements of each market.
  •  FLOWAIR System  a wide range of products, which gives the customer a possibility to equip the buildings in heating and ventilation.
  • Experience in the implementation of  innovative solutions.
  • Business model – ethical behaviour in business based on the principle of Fair Play.

We are building the FLOWAIR brand in 39 countries in Europe and Asia: Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Armena, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Iceland, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran and Italy.

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